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11.10. PaveTesting

Техническое описание



PaveTesting Ltd.


In recent years there has been a growing awareness of the importance of monitoring and maintaining road and runway surfaces. Maintaining surface friction, measuring and identifying problems with surface profile (such as rutting), and ensuring the integrity and quality standards of paved surfaces, can all play a significant part in the prevention of accidents on roads and runways.


With new technologies enabling more accurate measurement and testing, and with the consistent search for improved safety, regulating authorities are demanding new and higher standards from runway and highway operators.

PaveTesting Limited has been at the forefront of developing new technologies for over 10 years. Based in the UK, we design and manufacture pavement testing equipment to meet the safety standard requirements of regulators and the commercial requirements of paved surface operators worldwide.

We supply government agencies, major civil engineering contractors and airport operators in the global aviation and highways industries and our range of friction, deflection and profile measuring machines are today considered to be the best in the industry.

We are a relatively small and highly flexible organisation and our philosophy is to stay that way. It enables us to design and manufacturing extremely accurate and reliable equipment; using the very latest proven technologies and production techniques. It also enables us to deliver a clear competitive advantage - and to guarantee it. We call it our double guarantee of price and quality and it is making the testing and evaluation of paved surfaces quicker, more accurate and more cost effective all around the world.

Technical Quality

We design and manufacture pavement and surface testing equipment utilising the latest proven technologies. We build it to be robust and durable, so that it can cope with the most demanding operating conditions and applications; and we carefully select every component to ensure it provides the levels of accuracy and reliability to exceed all the required operating and regulatory standards.

To ensure we stay at the forefront of pavement testing, we are continually researching and developing our equipment to take advantage of new technologies as they become available. As soon as these technologies are fully proven, we integrate them into our equipment; and we use our design expertise and industry knowledge to make that equipment operationally efficient and easy to use.

Although we are a global supplier and our equipment is manufactured to precise quality controlled standards, we custom build equipment to order. This means we can ensure that each customer gets the exact specification of equipment to meet their operational needs.

Our high-technology production unit has been custom built and includes the only calibration centre in the UK. This enables us to fully and precisely calibrate all our machines before they leave the factory.

Our Approach

It is for these reasons that we keep our operation small, highly efficient and very flexible. It explains why our equipment is of such good quality but so competitive. And it explains why we employ a team of local agents around the world, who provide local knowledge and expertise, share our beliefs, and deliver our standards of support and service globally.

Whether it's for highways, runways or any other paved surface application, PaveTesting is confident that our way is the right way and it is based on a number of simple beliefs:

·         To deliver quality and accuracy doesn’t mean we have to be expensive

·         That to be highly capable and reliable we don’t have to be big and cumbersome

·         That to provide excellent service and support we don’t need a large team of average people, but a small team of committed experts

·         That to deliver value for our customers we need to employ the most cost-efficient methods of production and maintain a fair and competitive pricing structure (including on spare parts)